Our Story

What happens when you combine flava, island vibes & food ? That's right Island Lime Kitchen!


Leah Affia n Mumma


Island Ting Kitchen create Caribbean plant-based treats with flava. Spreading feel good and spicing up lives. — one person, one treat at a time.


Island Ting Kitchen was started by Leah Affia an avid food enthusiast with help from her mum Sonia.

The idea was born out of Founder Leah Affia’s frustration of being unable to find vegan treats that were tasty and exciting. Not everyday coconut macaroons!

Using her passion of baking which she developed from her mother and taking inspiration from her Rastafarian roots and knowledge of Caribbean cuisine, Island ting Kitchen was born.

Island Ting  Kitchen uses the finest ingredients & every item is full with island vibe & flavour.

Island Ting Kitchen pledges to always be egg free, dairy free & meat free 

100% Plant-based 100% Flava 100% That Ting